From the recording In the Before Time

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words & music by J. Leigh Stone
all rights reserved BMI/ASCAP

She cleaned her gun
although she hadn't used it
she did it for that 'just in case?'

They say she's crazy
but they'll never prove it
and would ya want to anyway?

And in that lounge chair
in distorted sunshine
put a smile on her face

But in those oily rays
deep in "US" magazine
she counts her bullets anyway

Hey Hey Hey

We met for lunch
at the bulimic cafe
on the West Bank of Peru

She ordered spoon and forks
and asked him nicely
for a doggie bag with go

And on her way up
all the steps to Uluru
on her way to talk to God

she had to turn back
she'd forgotten to do
on the road from Inverness to Prague

And it's alright
Yeah it's alright
and It's alright

She made her way back there to Loch Ness in her best dress
Deep down under the deep blue sea

She thought that maybe God would save her?
Would he save her?

But she...she still wound up back here with me
yeah yeah yeah yeah

Wanted to see her
so I slipped in the back way
she'd died her hair a sea of blue

said it reminded her of
all the oceans
she'd actually had jumped into

(corrected lyrics/ wrong lyrics in song)

Didn't care to ask her where
the knives were
if they were back and up upon her leg?

but I caved
and when I did
we both laughed out loud and shook our heads

And it's alright
yeah it's alright
Yes it will be alright

Yes it's alright
yeah it's alright
Yes it will be alright