1. You Again

From the recording In the Before Time

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You, again (C)
Words and Music by J. Leigh Stone
All rights reserved

If I ever had you again
I'd be sure not to lose you again
cause the way I'm feeling again
Want you again...
and again

If I ever have you again
It will be while I belong to him
hand to find someone to love again
Now you're my friend...
just a friend

After all
we've been through
I have to find
someone to take the place of you
Everywhere I go
I see your face
and I have to get away...
But yet I stay

After all
this time
we've been apart
Only I know
what friends do in the dark
how much longer...
do I need the pain

and, if I ever lose you again
I don't want to
be lonely again
and I'll try hard, not to, my friend
not to
Want you again
but I
want you, again
Want you,